• Mohan Raju

Amazing vacation homes

Unique conceptual design and attention to detail:

  1. The location of our plot is selected in a serene natural ambience, with interesting topography nearby - be it a forest, river, lake/ waterbody, waterfalls, hilly slopes. These geographical features are awe inspiring naturally

  2. Our legal team verifies all the paperwork necessary for your peaceful enjoyment of the property for years to come

  3. The bricks we use have a honeycomb structure which is the strongest natural design in nature. It is extremely lightweight as well. Entrapped air provides Improved acoustic and sound insulation properties [higher R value], Better thermal performance. Our bricks are also much greener than traditional cement solid/ hollow blocks. The Portland cement in the bricks offers necessary water resistance. Also extra protection against moisture is given by the foam or air bubbles. The exteriors reduces vulnerability and increase overall resiliency to fires.

  4. The walls are plastered with a mesh weave embedded for added tensility strength

  5. The structure of the house itself is designed stress free. The dome is designed to stand because of Gravity itself and not against gravity like all conventional buildings using a lot of material to withstand this stress.

  6. Since the wall bends over into a roof, it provides great convection currents and aerodynamics. On the interior, hot air seamlessly rises up without accumulating in corners and finds its way out keeping the occupants cool. On the exterior the shape can deflect high and turbulent storms and winds

  7. Moon Gate Entrance itself carries wonderful energy and brings Good Luck to those who walk through it, especially the newly weds.

  8. Every house has a water based spa relaxation built in - splash pool/ jacuzzi/ bathtub/ Sauna/ Fountain/ Waterfall

  9. Every house also has a sleep under the Night sky option, watching the stars. For those demanding inquisitive minds, we can install a telescope also

  10. Each house has a private lawn.Much more is on the way.

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